April 28, 2017

5 Ways to Save Water This Summer From Quadvest

Quadvest and PR Marketing, LLC Join Forces THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Quadvest, a family-owned and operated water and sewer utility, is sharing the top five ways consumers can help to conserve water this summer. From using short blasts of water while doing dishes instead of leaving the water running, to strategic ways to water your lawn, there are solutions that fit the needs of any family.

1. Use Short Blasts of Water While Doing Dishes
It may not seem like much, but leaving the tap running while doing dishes wastes gallons of water with each load! Use one short blast to get a lather going with your sponge, and wash each dish using your wet and soapy sponge. Once each dish has been washed, use short blasts to rinse dishes. You’ll be helping out the environment and your pocketbook!

2. Take Shorter Showers
The EPA estimates that the average shower lasts eight minutes. In that seemingly short time, your shower is using 18 gallons of water! Try cutting down showers by a few minutes to save some water. Even going down to a five minute shower will save you about six and a half gallons of water! You can also upgrade to an eco-friendly showerhead that uses less water per minute.

3. Water Your Lawn Before the Sun is Up
Watering your lawn in the Texas heat has become an art form! Save some water and keep your lawn greener by watering before the sun is fully up in the mornings. It helps to keep the water from evaporating before it can soak into the grass, so you’ll need less water to keep your lawn looking lush!

4. Assign Cups and Water Bottles
Assign each member of your family their own designated cup or water bottle. Have each person refill their cup throughout the day to cut down on the number of dishes that need to be done.

5. Don’t Waste Ice
Next time you end up with ice cubes on the floor, or a cup full of ice cubes after a refreshing drink, don’t just empty them into the sink! Let the summer sun do the work, and empty unused ice cubes on plants and grass. The sun will quickly melt the ice, so you won’t have to worry about damage to sensitive plants.

Everyone can do his or her part in conserving water. It’s great for the environment, and can even help to decrease your water bill! For more information on how to save water, or more tips from the leaders at Quadvest, contact PR Luxury Media.

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